LEGO BLUE/WHT BRICKS 11006/11012 (52/60PCS)


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This vibrant assortment of blue LEGO Classic bricks for kids is brimming with creativity. This classic building toy unlocks children’s creative potential and provides developmental advantages that last a lifetime as they build, play and build again. The three LEGO toys are simple to assemble and will be a hit with kids 4 and older. The inventive play begins right away thanks to clear directions and entertaining features. A blue whale toy with large, round eyes and a waterspout, a railway toy with rotating wheels, and a little robot toy with movable limbs are among the available toys. Children can customise their models by mixing the bricks, and the creative joy only increases as they come up with many original ideas. Kids can engage in unrestricted play and self-expression with LEGO Classic sets. And


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