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Dive into the world of Mermaid High, where legends of mermaid sightings abound! Finly, Searra, Oceanna, and Mari, best friends, are making waves with their distinct styles, but they have a big secret. They’re actually mermaids! Meet Searra, the glam girl of the group. This 10.5-inch doll comes with a fantastic removable mermaid tail with glittery lace and ruffle details, a shimmery gold top, flowing hair with magenta highlights, and six doll accessories, including a bracelet, stylish sunglasses, and a surprise accessory hidden in the seashell. Place the shell in a bowl of warm water and watch as it magically opens, revealing a new accessory for Searra! Searra is prepared with her beautiful mermaid tail and extra doll clothes for land.


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