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This line of WWE Super Strikers action figures captures the thrilling drama and spectacular action of the WWE. Kids can replicate the actual Superstars’ characteristic motions thanks to their original outfit and styling. Squeeze their legs to launch assaults such as punches and slams. The following goods are included in this series (EACH SOLD SEPARATELY): 7Q77M6 92 BCC9O1917 BCC9O1A – 7Q77M6 1 8 (The Rock), BCC9O1F4 – 7Q77M6 115 (The Undertaker), BCC9O1887 – 7Q77M6 122 (Brock Lesnar), and BCC9O187 – 7Q77M6 Y9 (Kofi Kingston) are all references to The Rock. Dean Ambrose, 7Q77M6 1Q, BCC9O1E3 Big Show is represented by BCC962VH- 7Q77M6 (85), Ryback by BCC962VL- 7Q77M6 (78), Kane by BCC962V52- 7Q77M6 (61), Randy Orton by BCC962V45- 7Q77M6 (54), CM Punk by BCC962V38- 7Q77M6 (47), and John Cena by BCC962V21- 7Q77M6


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